Design Quality System

Database of Knowledge

The system of Quality Control and policy of TSG is developed based on the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years of experiences. It also corresponds to “ISO9001”. For the quality improvement and stability, this system and policies will be continually updated.

TSG Characteristic of the design quality system

  • The DBK system / Reinforcement of the quality standard system
    • Build and practice the DBK (Database of knowledge) system. DBK system comprise with wealth of accumulated designing knowledge, which includes know-how, data tracking and quality news.

    • Reduce vain efforts by applying the DBK system early on the designing stage.

    • DBK’s Quality standard manual will be continually updated and upgraded.

  • Verify customer’s requirements and demands
    • Comunicate with customers to know their needs and demands clearly

    • Verify customer’s needs, keep records and have a revue meeting. Make a proposal for the better solutions and products if necessary.

  • Each team to schedule in-house design review meeting every step of the development.

    • Conceptual Design Review, Detail Design Review, PCB Layout Review、PCB Design Review、Mechanical Conceptual Design Review, Evaluation and Verification Design Review

  • Output validity inspection
    • Inspect the compatibility of the design and specifications. Inspect all the aspects for suitability and deficiency.

  • Thorough quality investigation
    • Enforce the customer’s satisfaction survey.

  • Utilize testing software and proto type examination software
    • Develop and utilize the TSG’s original system test program and proto type examination software to eliminate loss of the lead time.

  • Utilize reliability test
    • Utilize reliability test with environmental testing equipments at every stage of the development.