Our highly qualified engineers and proven resources support our customers in the wide range of projects from single-sided board to multilayered board and from an analog signal to digital signal. Our PCB specialists can provide a quality design and product development service tailored to match our customer’s needs.

High-speed Circuit Design
  • SDR SDRAM (142MHz)
  • DDR SDRAM (266MHz)
  • USB 2.0
  • Serial ATA
  • Ethernet
High-density PCB Design
  • Line width/alignment 0.075mm(Fine pattern design)
  • Buildup +IVH 8 Layer PCB

  • 26 Layer PCB(max:20000Pin)
  • BGA 1508Pin(IVH)

  • 676Pin BGA 10 layer TSV (1mm pirch BGA Diameter φ3.0)
Automotive Design
  • Analog Tunner
  • Digital Tunner
  • Dirana
  • LCD(1seg TV)
  • TFT(AV All-in-One)
  • ESC
  • DC/DC Circuit Design
  • Heat Radiation Design(Power IC,Regulator)

Design Skills

We deliver the finished products reflecting designer’s views and demands down to the tiniest details. We have the analytical skills and and accumulated knowledge to answer your most difficult questions and tackle your most demanding tasks.

High-speed Circuit Design
  • Isometric Wiring
  • Impedance Control(Micro Strip Line、Strip Line)

  • Cross-talk Analysis

  • Transmission Path Simulation(Lightning)
High-density PCB Design
  • Fine Pattern Design
  • Buildup

  • IVH PCB Design
  • BGA Design
  • RF Design
  • Audio Design
  • Display Design
  • EMC Design
  • Power Supply Design(Heat Radiation Design)


With PCB specialists and experienced electrical engineers, we form a dream team. The team effort and equipments such as "transmission pass simulator" and "EMC design aid tool" can provide you the top-notch PCB design.

Design Tools(CAD)
  • CR5000/BD
  • CR5000/PWS
Analysis Software
  • PCB Design/Analysis:CR500 Lightning
  • EMC/Evaluation:EMC Advisor