Quality Evaluation

Support designers with precise evaluation report

Quality evaluation should be performed at same perspectives of designers.
TSG support all quality evaluation in development field such as "Vibration", "Temperature environment" with providing many variety of test equipments and experienced test engineers including consulting but also TSG is applicable to provide 24 hours evaluation that is able to report the test result in the next morning requested by the evening.
"On site evaluation" is available based on request using customer's test equipments/testing jig with our test engineers and customer designer.

Evaluation Test Equipment

33 Axis Complex Enviroment Chamber 説明図 Thermal Shock Chamb
Surge Tester Enviroment Chamber
Enviroment Chamber Oven
Enviroment Chamber(Work Operation) Operation Durability Tester
Noise Simulator Power Fluctuation Tester
3x3m Shielded Chamber BCI Test Equipment
Temperature Rise Testing Equipment Electrostatic Pulse Tester
Quality Evaluation
There is reliability-based partnership in the root of the quality evaluation. The test result does not end in a judgment of simple No/Go and, in pursuit of a cause, submits it as improvement plan and advice.

Other Equipment

Measurement Equipment
  • FM-AM Standard signal generator
  • Automatic measurement system

  • Color luminance meter/TOPCON/BM-5A

  • Load measuring instrument/AIKOH 1350-D
  • Non-contact dimensional measurement

  • Optical microscope measuring instrument
Logic analyzer
  • Audio system analyzer
  • Oscilloscope
  • Digital stray geo-margin

  • Network analyzer
  • Pattern generator
  • Spectrum analyzer

Any question about test equipments/available test spec. , please use our Contact us form.