Middle management policies

Towards advanced engineering Company of truth (REAL) creating the next generation.
"The technology of the new product by all means TSG brand!" Be appointed by our customer. TSG places our "technology" with a few appearing on the front with "a product" and accelerate "branding" promotion of the company. The creation of the next stage which a customer comes for a technology to be able to have of TSG like the brand shop where it demands the fashion, and consumers gather. A concrete guidance to plan the innovation from the expertise group to the technical maker "is REAL21".

Brand1 Brand2 Brand3

Pursuit and upbringing of the brand
Only the company which got overwhelming predominance in expertise survives. The aim accepts an order of "a technology with our "brand" to a product". The awareness as a professional placing "a technology as a product" and creation of the overwhelming dominant (superiority, rule) in the expertise have the necessary condition. They make confidence, and the confidence becomes the firm trust from a customer.
Destruction of a corporate culture and the culture and creation of new sense of values
Beat an existing wall for further creation by consciousness reform to be a specialist at the same time to work on compliance management, CSR (corporate social responsibility) passing in the world positively so that sense of balance can carry out upbringing of the superior generalist from the start.
Promotion of the further globalization
At the present when globalization becomes the necessity, the importance of "the brand" which is the intangible assets of the company increases remarkably. I strengthen the cooperation with a visitor and the competitor to a base by mutual trust and establish the clear vision in a short term, the middle, the long term and approach an international market daringly.
Pursuit of the richness and realization of the dream
The motivation of the employee makes a technique and develops the visitor and leads to contribution to society. The happiness of the employee is first and therefore I advocate a clear dream and plan improvement by the self-innovation and act for sales, profit improvement. And it continues advancing to the development of the self-product to be our big dream, and to prove the technology in the nucleus of TSG.